Loungers 58 – 32 Whalsay

Loungers 58 – 32 Whalsay

The 1st quarter started evenly, with both teams going goal for goal.  A lovely interception from Louise Moar allowed Loungers to pull ahead.  The Whalsay team were quick to fight back with super support up the court from Cally Thomson and accurate shooting from Karis Leask.  However, Loungers managed to gain a run of goals and end the quarter 16-9.

Loungers Claire Johnston managed to make 3 interceptions within the first few minutes of the 2nd quarter, allowing Loungers to link up the court and get the ball into the circle.  Kaitlin Leslie managed to find space easily, making her shots look effortless.  Calm play from both sides, with Whalsay patiently working the ball up to their accurate shooters.  However, Loungers continued to edge ahead, ending the quarter 31-14.

The 3rd quarter started strong for both sides, with the Whalsay team making some changes.  Good pressure in the attacking third from Diane Thomson made it difficult for the Whalsay GA to drive into the circle.  A lovely interception from Natalie Constable, coupled with super passing up the court from Lianne Jamieson gave Whalsay the opportunity for shots which were quickly scored.  However, Loungers were undeterred, with accurate passing into the circle from Hazel Johnson into Ava Johnston at GS to continue to pull ahead.  The quarter ended 45-22.

The last quarter started evenly, with Whalsay fighting for rebounds and converting them into goals.  Loungers similarly saw accurate shooting from Jodie Walterson and Kaitlin Leslie, with great support from Ava Johnston at WA.  The Whalsay midcourt continued to work tirelessly, working the ball into their shooters, however, the Loungers defence of Claire Johnston and Louise Birnie made the shooters work hard for every ball.  The final score of the match was 58-32 to Loungers.

Player of the Match went to Karis Leask for Whalsay, and Ava Johnston for Loungers.