Loungers 65 v Wastside 14

The game started at fast pace and Wastside had great linking play in centre court from C Aimee Keith and GA Julie Odie making Loungers work hard. Loungers continued to pressure Wastside and with their strong defence duo of GK Louise Moar and GD Claire Johnston they forced Wastside to work the ball around the circle. Loungers picked up any loose balls and capitalised ending the first quarter 12 – 7 to Loungers.

Minutes into the second quarter Wastside’s GD, Sarah Sandison had a heavy fall to the ground which resulted in Wastside going down to 6 players for the remainder of the quarter. Natasha Tulloch for Wastside stepped back into GD and worked hard picking up 2 Loungers players. Loungers GA Kaitlin Leslie was on fire and continued working tirelessly with GS Stella Oldbury and furthered the lead for Loungers with the quarter ending 31 – 11.

Going into the third quarter Wastside’s Sarah Sandison was able to come back on court but Loungers found their form with precise passing up court and into the attacking circle they dominated the game and stormed ahead ending the quarter 50 – 12.

In the final quarter Loungers continued working well as a team and with clean interceptions from GK Claire Johnston, Wastside were finding it difficult to find the hoop. Accurate passes into the shooters from Loungers C Vicki Smith and WA Beth Mouat found Loungers continuing to extend their lead and the final score was 65 – 14. Players of the match were Kaitlin Leslie, Loungers and Natasha Tulloch, Wastside.