McEwans 13 V 32 Unst

The first quarter was evenly matched in the beginning, with good midcourt play from both teams. Towards the end of the quarter Unst pulled ahead after making some good interceptions in the defensive end, finishing the quarter ahead 7-3. 

With few changes being made, play continued much the same as it did in the first quarter. As both teams settled into the game, Unst picked up the pace and piled on the pressure. Their shooting circle barely missed so they were able to extend their lead to 15-7. 

By the third quarter Da McEwans were unable to break through the Unst defence. This made it difficult for the shooters to have a chance on goal. After a solid quarter from Unst, the score was 25-8 in their favour. 

Da McEwans made a number of changes coming into the last quarter as they had nothing to lose. This refreshed the team and allowed them to play more freely. Despite their best efforts, Unst were too strong and there was too much ground to make up. Deservedly, Unst won comfortably with the score at the full time whistle being 32-13. Ashley Symington was player of match for Unst, with Jenny Jamieson picking it up for Da McEwans. Thanks to Claire Morris and Stephanie Keith for umpiring.