McEwans 53 V 25 Dutch Courage

McEwans 53 V 25 Dutch Courage

McEwans got off to a good start with quick, accurate passing from Kayleigh Irvine and Nicola Polson meaning that they were able to pull ahead from Dutch Courage. However, tight defending in the circle from Chloe Howarth and Sonja Jamieson did mean that the McEwans shooters had to work hard to back up their dominance in the mid court. This was reflected in the score at the end up the quarter, which was 14-5 to the McEwans.

Dutch Courage kept energy up which allowed them to work well together, especially by Alexis Jamieson and Anja Leslie in the mid court. But solid defending from the McEwans defence of Ellie Sutherland and Isla Thomson allowed them to turn over ball frequently and keep a firm grip on the lead. The half time score was 29-13 in their favour.

McEwans made some errors during the third quarter which allowed Dutch Courage to gain possession of the ball and move swiftly up court. Accurate shooting from Dutch Courage shooters Sadie Meadows and Cerys Harrop allowed them to put pressure on McEwans, ending the quarter 36-21.

The threat from Dutch Courage in the third quarter gave McEwans the push to enhance their lead in the final quarter. Good teamwork and passing all over the court allowed the shooters Kirsty Porter and Brenna Irvine many opportunities on goal, which they rarely missed. Despite this, Dutch Courage never gave up and made it difficult at times. After a well fought match, the game ended 53-25 in the McEwans favour.

A huge thank you must be given to Ashley Symington for umpiring the majority of the match herself, with thanks to Sarah Groat for helping in the last quarter. Players of the match were awarded to defenders Ellie Sutherland and Chloe Howarth for their hard work throughout.