Mishaps 22 V Unst 32

The game started out neck and neck stayed this way for the quarter. End to end play with Unst and Mishaps equally sharing possession of the ball. Mishaps shooters starting strong with next to zero misses and Unst defending hard. This quarter ended 5-5.

The second quarter saw no team take the lead. Both teams were grappling for every ball, fast consistent passing from both sides. Unst defenders Ailidh Risk GD and Linda Thomson GK were working hard to pressure Alicia Hunter GA in the circle, but with each shot successful saw the second quarter end 12-12

Unst C Irena Polson was working hard centre court to feed the ball into the circle allowing Unst to pull ahead by 4 this quarter. Mishaps shooters were still consistent in their circle. Excellent pressure from Mishaps defence Chloe Nicolson and Elaine Burgess were making it  hard for Unst shooters Ashley Symington and Chelsea Jamieson but Unst dominated the end of this quarter leaving the score 19-23.

Final efforts from both teams saw every player exhaust their efforts to gain possession. Kelsey Robb C working hard for Mishaps and shooters Alicia Hunter and Morgan Henderson trying to even the score. However, Unst worked hard as a team with consistent passes, tough defence and accurate shooting to win the game by 10 goals, 22-32. Players of the match were Alicia Hunter for Mishaps and Irena Polson for Unst.