Mishaps 34 V Hotfooters 28

It was a very closely fought game from the offset, with both teams giving it their all. The first quarter saw Hotfooters come out strongly, attacking well and feeding the ball quickly into shooters Megan (GS) and Niamh (GA) who rarely missed a shot.

Going into the second quarter drawing 6-6, Mishaps upped their momentum with great linking play in the centre third between Sarah (C) and Suzanne (WA). Interceptions in the Hotfooters attacking third from Mishaps’ Leah (WD) and Chloe (GK) helped ensure Mishaps took the lead at the end of the first half (17 – 13).

In the 3rd quarter, Hotfooters’ speed of attacking play made it a tough job for Mishaps defence. However, the Mishaps defence worked tirelessly to keep the shooters Megan (GS) and Shaina (GA) out of the circle. Mishaps Alicia (GA) and Morgan (GS) hardly missed a shot allowing Mishaps to keep the lead.

The last quarter was frantic with everything to play for, but Mishaps kept their lead and finished the game 34-28. Players of the match were Leah Henry for Mishaps and Ellie Bisset Hotfooters.