Mishaps 40 V Delting 28

Play started brisk with both teams determined for a win. Mishaps WA Suzanne Manson and centre Leah Henry fed in well to shooters, Kelsey Robb and Alicia Hunter, who were on target and rarely missing a shot. Delting began to add pressure and Erin Hunter (GA) and Hannah Williamson’s (GS) accurate shooting left the first quarter ending on 11 – 8 to Mishaps.

Both teams came out fighting in the second quarter with great movement and passing around the circle. Mishaps defence of Elaine Burgess (GD) and Brooke Williamson (GK) worked tirelessly to keep Mishaps in the lead leaving the score at 18 – 13 at the end of the first half.

Delting never gave up and Ashley Hay at C did well to feed the ball up the court. However Alicia Hunter (GS) made it a very tough job for the Delting defence making the score at the end of the third quarter 28 – 17 to Mishaps. Delting tried hard to close the gap in the final quarter but Mishaps won convincingly 40-28. Players of the match were Alicia Hunter for Mishaps and Hannah Williamson (GS) for Delting.