Mishaps 52 V Dutch Courage 26

Both teams took to the court after the festivities hoping to run off too many pigs in blankets. Unfortunately, Dutch courage started the season with just 6 players but this didn’t dampen their efforts. Both teams started well with end-to-end play and Dutch Courage scoring 4 in the first quarter to Mishaps 11.

Second quarter saw both teams settle into the game but with a full team, Mishaps pulled ahead with accurate shooting from Mishaps Morgan Henderson rarely missing a shot. Alison Anderson’s accurate shooting for Dutch courage saw them come away with 10 goals in the second quarter but this wasn’t enough to match Mishaps 26.

The third quarter saw mishaps nearly double their score. Fast, consistent passing and working hard around the circle. Excellent defence from Mishaps Leah Henry and Paula Williamson. Vaila Robertson for Dutch Courage played well in centre working hard to keep possession. This quarter Mishaps pulled ahead 42-14.

The final quarter saw a great effort from Dutch Courage scoring 12 points. Good shooting from DCs Alison Anderson and Sadie Meadows, but they were unable to close the gap with just 6 players and Mishaps took the win 52-26. It should be mentioned the Dutch Courage didn’t falter and kept their head high throughout the game dispute having just 6 players.

Players of the match were Vaila Robertson for Dutch Courage and Morgan Henderson for Mishaps.