Ness 0 V Whalsay 1

Ness V Whalsay

Ness were quick off the mark with Sarah Kissick scoring the first goal of match. Whalsay quickly responded scoring the next two. Ailish Goodlad took a rebound off a Whalsay shot which was quickly passed up the court to Estella Smith who made sure and converted it into a goal for Ness

Ness started strong in quarter 2, getting two goals in a row by Smith which was followed by Whalsay responding well with Debbie Irvine getting some amazing long range shots in from edge of circle. Cally Thomson, WA for Whalsay called time with a sub coming on bring a set of fresh energetic legs into the game. It was a heated quarter with the referees calling for the game to calm down. Irena

Whalsay centre also called time bringing Irena ????? on with more fresh legs to keep up with the fast pace of the game.


Quarter 3 saw a couple minutes of play with no goals scored but Whalsay finally broke the dead lock and got the first goal of the quarter. Ness quickly intercepted the next centre pass and converted this successfully with Smith adding to their tally. Ness kept up the pressure in the final quarter closing the 6 goal gap to within 2 but Whalsay eventually came away with a 3 goal victory.

Players of the match were Katie Moore for Ness and Leanna Jamieson for Whalsay