Ness 19 V 36 Kiwis

Ness 19 V 36 Kiwis

Kiwis quickly took the lead in quarter 1 with the first centre pass and the first goal. Ness were hot on their tail getting the next goal and kept it being a close first quarter, ending 8-7 to Kiwis.

Quarter 2 saw no goals in the first 2 minutes and game continued to be tight. Kiwis got the first goal with Estella Smith responding with a goal for Ness. The 2nd quarter continued to be a tight affair with both teams fighting hard to try and pull ahead. .

Quarter 3 saw Ness defence Ruth Christie and Alish Parham picking up lots of interceptions, this did not deter Kiwis who carried on fighting hard to get the ball back. Estella Smith was not missing a shot for Ness helping to keep her team in the match.

The last quarter found Kiwis starting strong with taking back the first centre and converting to a goal. The Ness shooters were working really hard against a strong Kiwi defence who were limiting their shots on goal. Both teams continued to push each other right to the final whistle and the final score was 36 – 19 to Kiwis. Players of the match were Estella Smith for Ness and Kylie Wood for Kiwis.

Loungers, Tulloch Tornadoes and Kiwis are all at the top of the Pre Christmas League and will go ahead and play a three way play off to determine who will win the trophy.