Ness 28 V Tulloch Tornadoes 39

Tulloch Tornadoes started the game with very determined play shown through their quick and accurate movement and passing leading to a goal within the first few seconds of the game. The fast pace of the game began to show an effect on Ness though, with Tulloch’s maintaining their pressure to increase their lead while Ness began to slow. Both teams defensive play in the circle remained strong keeping the game more even. The Ness defence were making crucial interceptions and gaining rebounds however, with Tulloch’s strong midcourt play and fantastic defence, they made Ness shooters work for every goal ensuring that these interceptions did not allow Ness to close the gap. With more strong linking play and mid-court interceptions from Tulloch’s the quarter ended 15-3 to Tulloch’s, the score emphasising the excellent defence of Tulloch’s Emma Leask.

Tulloch’s kept up great pressure in the second quarter which enabled them to pull further ahead. Ness shooter, GA Tahlia Leslie was moving very well with some great shots, however, Tulloch’s GA and GS, Tahnae Maclennan and Kirsty Leask were again matching this with some superb long-range shots maintaining their teams lead. Both sides were fighting for every ball in centre court play, with the ball sometimes being intercepted several times before being converted to a goal. However, Tulloch’s determination allowed them to maintain their lead, like the previous quarter, with the second quarter ending 22-13, although Ness were starting to close this gap.

The third quarter saw Ness manage to claw back a few more points again, considerably closing the lead Tulloch’s had gained.  This was thanks to the tireless mid court play of Ness centre court players Aimee Budge and Lucy Flaws linking to the superb young shooters Tahlia Leslie and Estella Smith. However, with Tulloch’s dictating the pace, causing some very quick play, Ness again began to show that they were tiring. Tulloch’s capitalised on this further, working the ball well up the court to shooters who swiftly and with minimal error were converting any chance they received in to goals, with Kirsty Leask especially performing some fantastic long-range shots. Thus, again the quarter ended in Tulloch’s favour, 29-24, although Ness were fighting back and settling in to the game.

The final quarter again began very quickly with very precise fast play down the court. Tulloch’s Emma Leask made some brilliant interceptions which were converted straight away into goals by her team’s shooters, through strong mid-court linking play by Clare Farmer to the circle, increasing Tulloch’s lead further. This dominant play continued, and despite tight marking and effective communication from Ness’s GD Melody Goodlad and GK Ailish Parham, the game ended 39-28 to Tulloch’s.

Players of the match were Tahlia Leslie for Ness and Emma Leask for Tulloch Tornadoes.