Ness 31 V 19 SFC Filsket

Ness started the match with a fast pace down to their shooting circle. A good interception by Filsket GD Kirsten Jeromson kept the ball out of the Ness circle but Ness C Aimee Budge picked up the ball and moved it quickly up the court to help Ness secure the first goal of the match. Great team work was displayed by both teams, working hard in defence with Ness GD Rhea Ti Tnuthail making great interceptions to enable her team to get the ball back up to their circle for another goal. The score for quarter one was 7-3 to Ness. 

Straight into the second quarter and Ness GK Ruth Christie makes an impression on the Filsket attacking circle. Ness GA Sarah Kissick was on good form scoring the first goal of the quarter for Ness. Quarter 2 saw more end to end play by both teams with all defensive players working tirelessly for interceptions. Filsket shooters got three goals in a row but Ness were quick to reply with  GS Estella Smith and GA Kissick working well with their mid court players  C Molly Fraser and WA Katie Moore. Score for quarter two was 15-9 to Ness. 

Filsket took the first centre pass in the 3rd quarter and quickly took the first goal too. Ness soon began to apply pressure throughout the court, gaining three more goals. A few end to end plays but the new Ness defensive partnership of GK Ti Tnuthail and GD Michalea Christie made it hard for Filsket to get a ball into their circle.   The Ness shooters were keeping the Filsket defence on their toes with brilliant movement in the circle leading to more goals for Ness.  The third quarter ends 27-14 to Ness. 

Ness started strong in the final quarter, however an injury to Ness GD Ti Tnuthail brought out the mother and daughter duo in defence for Ness GK Ruth and GD Michaela Christie.  Some quick thinking by Filsket GA Sarah Grogan allowed her to play herself on court from a backline pass with a pass off the post, however it didn’t end up in a goal. The match continued with end to end play with both teams pushing until the final whistle. The final score 31-19 to Ness with players of the match Estella Smith for Ness and Kristen Jeromson for SFC Filsket.