Ness 34 V Unst 18 

Ness GS Estella Smith got the first goal of the game, with a long accurate shot. The game started with fast play by both teams. Everyone working hard to intercept play, Unst GK Linda Thomson defending the circle well. First quarter ended 12-2 to Ness.  

Ness defence duo Ailish Parham and Ruth Christie playing great together as usual, however Unst GS Claire Priest and GA Josie Smith started to find their rhythm and got some good shots in.  

Ness working hard up the court with good support from WD Ashley Young to get the ball to shooters who were barely missing a shot. 

Unst Ashley Symington showed her skills by swapping from attack to defence and made Ness work hard to keep the ball in their possession.  Game ended 34-18 to Ness. POM Ashley Symington for Unst and Estella Smith for Ness.