Ness Hot Shots won the toss for the first centre pass. Hot shots Sophie Morris at centre and Megan Nicolson GA worked well together getting the first goal. Wastside’s Pauline Walterson and Mhairi Drozdowska played very well defending Wastside making it harder for Hot Shots to get the goals in however some great shooting from Nicolson and Kira Eldridge meant the score was 14-7 to Ness Hot Shots.

The second quarter saw Wastside making some changes and Isla Moffat taking on GS. Hot Shots defence team Isobel Beswick and Kelsea Blades worked well together making it hard for Wastside to bring the score back ensuring the lead was kept at 21-15.

The second half saw Wastside’s shooters Moffat and Jodie Walterson getting some good shooting opportunities, rarely missing a goal. Despite Hot Shots efforts in defence and help from mid-court players Molly Nicolson and Rebecca Millar this allowed Wastside to gain the lead of 28-26.

The last quarter saw Hot Shots putting pressure on Wastside but a few tough umpiring decisions saw Wastside come ahead ending the game 40-33 to Wastside.

Players of the match were Bronwyn Walterson for Wastside and Sophie Morris for Ness Hotshots.