Ness Hotshots 35 V Wastside 36

The game started with fast play from both teams. Wastside’s Julie Crossan and Natasha Tulloch worked hard together to get the first few goals in to take the lead. Hotshot sisters Megan and Molly Nicolson worked equally as hard to make sure Hotshots gained a few back leaving the first quarter 9-12 in Wastside’s favour.

The second quarter kicked off and Hotshots were determined to close the gap with Freya Leslie and Kelsea Blades supporting the attacking side well. Shooters Rachel Young and Megan worked brilliant together against the tough pressure of Wastside’s Sarah Sandison and Laura Cheyne. Leaving the gap smaller at 19-21 Wastside.

Into the third quarter, a few changes for both teams saw Lijana Kornejeva come on in defence for Hotshots. Despite their best efforts Wastside’s Natasha Tulloch and Aimee Keith’s shooting was just too strong leaving the end of the quarter 27-32 Wastside.

Into the last quarter Hotshots gave everything they had and defenders Isabel Beswick and Kayleigh Young stepped up their game making it very difficult for Wastsides attacking end. With some brilliant play from Freya Leslie Hotshots closed the gap and the play was equal. With the pressure on from Wastsides Eda Leask, Crossan and Molly Tulloch the game was very close. Wastside managed to squeeze in the last goal to take the lead of 35-36. Players of the Match were Freya Leslie from Hotshots and Laura Cheyne from Wastside.