The game started with Scallywags winning the toss and taking the first centre but a well timed interception from Tulloch Tornadoes saw them get the ball up to their shooters who then opened the scoring of the game. As play progressed Scallywags were feeling the pressure from Tulloch Tornadoes who were on form right from the start and their shooters of Kirsti Leask and Bethany Anderson were not missing anything in their attacking circle, despite Scallywags defence of Heidi Eriksen and Marie Moar working hard. Scallywags were trying hard to get their passes up court into their shooters of Robinson and Devine but they were being closely marked by Tulloch Tornadoes, Victoria Duthie and Emma Leask and were having a hard time trying to convert their shots into goals. As the quarter ended it was Tulloch Tornadoes who led 17-1 over the home side.

The second quarter continued very much as the first quarter with Tulloch Tornadoes dominating the play and proving to the be the stronger of the teams. Scallywags tried their hardest to get back into the game but with the tight marking on their players they were finding it very difficult to get their passes into their shooters. It was the accurate shooting of Tornadoes Leask and Anderson that saw them take the lead but just before the quarter ended Scallywags managed to get the ball into Robinson, who scored a fantastic goal from the edge of the circle. However this was not enough to close the gap and the half time score was 32-3 to Tulloch Tornadoes.

During the half time break Scallywags opted to introduce the fair play rule due to the difference in the scoring and knew there was no way they could close the gap in the last two quarters. As the third quarter started Scallywags stayed the same and Tulloch Tornadoes switched their positions. Play continued as the previous two quarters with Tulloch Tornadoes dominating play but Scallywags were able to get a few more goals in this quarter but again it was not enough to close the gap. It was Tulloch Tornadoes who went into the final quarter leading 47-10.

The final quarter saw both teams making changes to their line ups with both teams having players playing out of position. This saw an evenly matched final quarter with some great play by both teams and saw some great shooting from Tulloch Tornadoes Victoria Duthie and Leanne Henderson who don’t usually play in these positions. Also Scallywags Meg Laurenson and Aleisha Devine had some great shots in their attacking circle. As the final whistle went, both teams managed to score 8 goals a piece but it was Tulloch Tornadoes who won the match 55-18.

Players of the match were awarded to Scallywags Rowan Nicolson and Tulloch Tornadoes Leanne Henderson.