Scallywags 23 V Unst 24

Unst won the toss and this saw them take the first centre of what was to be a very close hard fought match between the two sides.  Play was pretty frantic at the beginning of the quarter but it was not long until Unst opened the scoring.  Scallywags were soon to settle and this saw great defending from Judy Hamer GK and Rhea May Isbister GD. They were quick on the rebounds to turn the play back up court to Scallywags shooters Anne-Marie Robinson GA and Chrissie Arthur GS who were converting their shots into goals despite being closely marked by Unst’s Ailidh Risk GD and Linda Thomson GK.  Unst were having to work hard, as Scallywags went on to score 8 goals in a row before the quarter ended 10-2.

Unst made a few changes, which saw Thomson move to WA, Ashley Symington to GK and Marie Robertson come on as GS whilst Scallywags remained the same.  This proved to be a good change for Unst and this quarter, saw them fighting hard to narrow the gap in the scoring.  Scallywags were having to defend tirelessly as Thomson WA and Irena Polson C were working well together to get their passes into their shooters of Chelsea Jamieson GA and Marie Robertson GS, who were both converting their shots into goals.  Scallywags Hamar GK and Isbister GD were both marking tightly and any rebounds were soon fed back up court to their shooters, Robinson and Arthur who were also converting their shots into goals.  As the half time whistle went, Scallywags just managed to hold onto their led 14-12.

Both teams made a few changes at half time and with the score so close, Scallywags knew they could not afford to make any mistakes.  This quarter started with Unst taking the first centre of what was to be a very fast paced quarter.  Scallywags shooters, Robinson and Arthur were having to work hard in their attacking circle to find space to convert their shots into goals as Unst’s Symmington GD and Risk GK were not making it easy for them.  Unst’s Symmington GD was also making some good interceptions which saw them get the ball back up court to their shooters who were also converting their shots into goals.  As the quarter ended, the score was tied 19 all.

With the score tied, both teams knew they had a fight on their hands in this last quarter if they wanted to leave with a win.  This was a very fast paced, competitive quarter with both teams fighting hard for every ball to ensure their passes were fed into their shooters.  Both sets of shooters were on form and were working hard to get their shots in despite being tightly marked.  As the final whistle went, it was Unst who came away with the win over the home side by just one point after a very hard fought last quarter. Players of the match were awarded to Scallywags Rhea May Isbister and Chelsea Jamieson for Unst.