Scallywags 30 v Challengers 13 

Scallywags won the toss and opted to take the first centre of the game.  Play was very frantic for the first few minutes, as both teams were trying to settle and this saw end to end play until the first goal was scored by Challengers.  Scallywags Anne Leask C and Bethany Moar WA were linking up well in mid court, feeding their passes into their shooters of Anne-Marie Robinson GS and Eden Wadley GA who were converting them into goals. Challengers defence of Amy Pearson GD and Maria Sales GK were working hard and any rebounds were picked up and fed back up court to their shooters.  The quarter finished 9-4 to Scallywags.  

Challengers started the second quarter very strong, with great mid court play from Holly Jamieson C, Aimee Strachan WA and Audrey Irvine WD, linking up well to get their passes into their shooters of Katie Sandison GS and Danielle Johnson GA. Scallywags defence of Marie Moar GK and Judy Hamer GD were having to work hard in the circle to get any rebounds or interceptions fed back up court to their shooters.  Challengers were fighting hard in this quarter but it was Scallywags who just managed to maintain their lead.  The quarter finished 12-10 to Scallywags. 

Scallywags made a few changes at half-time, which saw Robinson switch to GA and Wadley to GS, Bethany Moar to WD and Jenna Moar to WA and this changed the dynamics of the play for Scallywags.  This saw Scallywags pull ahead with great shooting from Robinson and Wadley, making Challengers Pearson and Sales in defence work tirelessly to slow down the attacking play but Scallywags stormed ahead and finished this quarter 24-10. 

The final quarter saw Robinson move back to GS and Wadley to GA and Challengers Sarah Groat to GA and Holly Jamieson to WA.  With play underway, both teams were fighting hard and this saw great end to end play.  Challengers fought hard throughout this last quarter and never gave up but it was the accurate shooting from Scallywags shooter that saw them go on to win the game 30-13. Players of the match were awarded to Scallywags Anne Leask and Challengers Sarah Groat.