Scallywags 31 V 26 Challengers

Scallywags 31 V 26 Challengers

Challengers started with the first centre pass and demonstrated great link up play in the mid court, with centre Sarah Groat working hard to feed the ball into the shooting circle. Scallywags responded well and shooters Anne-Marie Robinson and Alana Smith didn’t take long to settle. Their accurate shooting saw Scallywags leading going into the second quarter.

The second quarter began in Challengers favour, with fantastic shooting from Valerie Sales and Danielle Johnson. However, they were being tightly marked by the Scallywags defence, with Ami Maddison in particular making many fantastic interceptions. With fast mid court play from Jenna Moar and Rowan Nicolson, the Scallywags shooters Alana Smith and Anja Kurtz extended their team’s lead.

Scallywags WD, Lois Tait, quickly intercepted the first centre pass of the third quarter. However, this wasn’t converted into a goal and continual brilliant marking from Challengers Vicky Irvine made it difficult for Scallywags to extend their lead. Sales continued to shoot well, netting some impressive long range shots. Ami Maddison and Ella Robertson worked tirelessly in defence for Scallywags, meaning that Scallywags held on to their lead going into the final quarter.

The fourth quarter saw some fast and frantic play, with both teams gunning for the win. Groat at centre and WA Holly Jamieson were linking well together for Challengers, and their shooters brought

the score to only one behind Scallywags. However, as the final quarter headed towards the final minutes, Scallywags GD Ami Maddison won a number of turnovers which were converted into goals by determined play from Smith and Kurtz. The final score was 31 – 26 to Scallywags. Players of the match were Danielle Johnson for Challengers and Ami Maddison for Scallywags.