Scallywags 32 V Mishaps 20

The first quarter was fast paced with both teams getting goal for goal. Scallywags shooter Ann-Marie Robinson and Christie Arthur were working well together and helped Scallywags to take the lead 8-5 by the end of the first quarter.

Mishaps continued to fight against Scallywags with Mishaps Kelsey Robb (C ) showing some excellent play up and down the court. Scallywags Ann Leask (C) kept the pressure on Robb with some fast play and interceptions.  Mishaps shooters Sarah Williamson (GA) and Morgan Henderson (GS) worked well around the circle but Scallywags Judy Farmer (GK) and Rhea Isbister (GD) Played a stormer resulting in Scallywags keeping the lead 16-9.

Scallywags Bethany Moar and Mishaps Sarah Williamson both moved into centre which increased the speed of the game. Mishaps defenders Elaine Burgess (GD) and Chloe Nicolson (GD) has some great interceptions and rebounds in this quarter keeping the pressure on Scallywags but Scallywags increased the gap with the third quarter ending 23-13.

Mishaps Sophie Grant (WD) had some great interception in this quarter.  Both teams remained focused and determined through the final quarter with some great play from both teams. The game ended 32-20 to Scallywags.  Player of the Match was Kelsey Robb for Mishaps and Judy Hamer for Scallywags