Scallywags 36 V 29 Delting

Scallywags 36 V 29 Delting

Both teams fought hard after Scallywags took the first centre, with strong defence from Scallywags Marie Moar (GK) and Ella Robertson (GD) but Deltings shooters succeeded and got the first two goals. Scallywags play was frantic but Rowan Nicolson (C) and Jenna Moar (WA) slowed down the

game to get the ball up the court with a few interceptions by Deltings Nala Williamson (WD), Jenna Mouat (GD). Scallywags soon took the lead ending the first quarter 10-5.

After Robertson got injured, Scallywags were down to six players, Delting capitalised on Williamson (WA) being unmarked in mid court, who linked well with Adele Bennett (C) to get passes into the circle to their shooters. Scallywag’s Moar (GK) and Lois Tait (GD) marked tirelessly, but Delting made a comeback with multiple goals from Erin Hunter (GA) and Lara White (GS) ending the second quarter 19-15 to Scallywags.

Delting had strong defence of Mouat (GK) and Nicola Robertson (GD) but Scallywags shooters Anne-Marie Robinson (GS) and Alana Smith (GA) started to make a lead after Bethany Moar (WD) came so Scallywags had a full team. Scallywags were making strong passes up the court and into the circle but Delting had several interceptions by Kaitlyn Johnson (WD) which stopped the flow of play. Scallywags soon got back on form to ensure they continued the lead with a score of 32-19.

In final quarter Delting started to make a comeback after their defence Robertson (GK), Mouat (GD), Hannah Williamson (WD) made great interceptions, preventing Scallywags from scoring many more goals. Delting were applying the pressure and moved the ball up the court where Hunter (GA) scored some excellent goals. Scallywags fought back and the fast-paced game continued until the whistle, with the final score 36-29 to Scallywags.

Player of the match for Delting was Erin Hunter for her accurate shooting and for Scallywags their energetic C Rowan Nicolson.