The game started with Challengers winning the toss and taking the first centre. As they fed the ball up to their shooters, Scallywags managed to intercept a pass and were quick to get the ball back up court to their shooters who opened the scoring of the game. Scallywags then went 2-0 up from their next centre pass. As Scallywags settled quickly into the game, this saw them take the led over Challengers which saw some great interceptions from Anne Leask in WD. As play progressed, Challengers soon settled into the game and Valerie Sales GA was on form and rarely missing despite being marked closely by Scallywags Heidi Eriksen GD. Goal for goal was being scored but Challengers managed to go 3 a head of Scallywags before the quarter ended 11-8 in their favour.

With the second quarter underway, both teams remained the same with no changes to their line-up. Scallywags knew they had to continue their play from the first quarter and this saw some great play from both teams. With end to end play and goal for goal being scored this was a very close quarter which saw Scallywags using the whole mid court to move the ball up to their shooters of Robinson and Devine who were being very closely marked by Challengers Abbey Irvine and Maria Sales but they had the support of Nicolson and Johnston around the circle. As the half time whistle went, Scallywags just managed to take the lead by three points which saw them going into the third quarter 21-18.

This quarter saw Meg Laurenson come on as GK for Scallywags and Karis Leask come on as GS for Challengers and play continued on from the previous quarters. Again this was a fast paced quarter with great play from both teams with accurate shooting from both sets of shooters but it was Scallywags who just managed to maintain their lead over Challengers by 2 points and saw them go into the final quarter leading 29-27.

As the final quarter got underway and with only 2 points between the teams, this was going to be a nail biting quarter. Scallywags knew they could not afford to make any mistakes and had to keep possession of their passes. With both teams fighting hard for every pass, this was a very fast, accurate quarter and once again saw goal for goal being scored from very quick centre passes. With everything to play and with the scores being very close and even tied at one point, it was the accurate shooting from Sales and Leask in the last minutes that saw them eventually take the lead and go on to win the game 41-37.

Players of the match were awarded to Scallywags Aleisha Devine and Karis Leask of Challengers.