Scallywags 40 V Yell 28

Scallywags won first centre but a great interception from GD Kerry Nicholson led to Yell getting the first goal despite strong play from Scallywags GK Judy Hamer. Yell were quick to capitalise on any errors keeping the score close for the first half of the quarter. Scallywags began to settle into the game with Chloe Macleod WD and Rhea Isbister GD working well together to block Yell’s shooters. Anne-Marie Robinson GS was on form for Scallywags to increase the lead to 14-7 by the end of the quarter.

The 2nd quarter started with a Scallywags centre with both teams playing fast and frantically. Yell defence were marking closely with end to end play with many interceptions from both sides. Isbister linked well with Rowan Nicolson C and Anne Leask WA to end the quarter 23-12 to Scallywags.

It was a slow start to the 3rd quarter with many more interceptions and forced errors. Sandra Petrie WA, Freya Hannay GA and Kirsty Graham GS were playing well together for Yell. Robinson continued her accurate shooting from all areas of the circle to keep Scallywags in the lead ending 32-18.

The final quarter started with Yell taking first centre and determined to close the gap. Nicolson and Isbister were working tirelessly for Scallywags but Eden Wadley and Robinson were being tightly marked by Lorraine Odie and Nicholson. Hamer and Macleod continued to get interceptions for Scallywags. The final score was 40-28 to Scallywags. Players of the match were Rhea Isbister for Scallywags and Amber Morrison for Yell.