Scallywags 43 v McEwans 21

Scallywags won the first centre pass and used it well to score the first goal. The game started off strongly for both teams.  Scallywags defenders Rhea-May Isbister (GD) and Judy Hamer (GK) had to mark Joanne Stewart (GS) and Anna Sutherland (GA) closely, who weren’t missing a shot. The quarter ended 11 – 7 to Scallywags.

Scallywags scored the first goal from their centre pass to start the second quarter. Eileen Roberston (WA) was working hard for McEwans helping McEwans retaliate strongly with the next three goals.  Great shooting from Chrissy Arthur (GS) and Eden Wadley (GA) enabled Scallywags to finish the second quarter 18 -11.

The third quarter saw Scallywags score the first goal from a McEwans centre. A good link between Scallywags’ Anne Leask (WA), Rowan Nicolson (C) and Anne-Marie Robinson (GA) saw Scallywags pull further ahead, despite being marked closely by determined McEwans’ defenders Ellie Sutherland (GD) and Laura Polson (GK). The quarter ended 31 – 16 to Scallywags.

The final quarter saw a quick first goal from McEwans.  The quarter seen fast play from both teams, good interceptions made for an end to end final quarter. The final score was 43 – 21 to Scallywags. Players of the match were Eileen Robertson (WA) for McEwans and Anne Leask (WA) for Scallywags.