Scallywags 50 V Challengers 35

Both teams started off strong, with it being goal for goal. Strong defence and good interceptions from Chloe Mcloud and Judy Hamer for Scallywags resulted in them pulling ahead. Steady passing to the circle allowed Chrissie Arthur and Ann Marie Robinson to consistently get in the goals. Challengers accurate shooting allowed for them to keep closing the gap, however the first quarter ended with 13-7 to scallywags. Scallywags started the second quarter making no changes to their team to keep the score ahead with midcourt Anne Leask, Rowan Nicolson and Eden Wadley feeding into the shooters. Challengers kept their defence strong and allowed them to get possession of the ball. However Scallywags pulled ahead and ended the quarter in 29-14 to Scallywags. Bethany Moar came on in the third quarter to make a change to Scallywags midcourt, and Challengers made changes to their shooting and defence. This allowed Challengers to get more goals, and their determination was obvious. Challengers pulled ahead in this quarter but Scallywags kept the lead with 39-25. The final quarter saw both teams determined to take the win, with new defence from Challengers delaying scallywags goals. Both teams were getting goals, but Scallywags were able to keep the lead, resulting in a 50-35 win for them.