Scallywags 50 V Dutch Courage 19

Both teams started off well in the first quarter with Scallywags bringing the ball into the circle quickly. However Dutch courage’s Alisha Tulloch, Molly Farmer and Kathleen Robertson in defence worked well together to intercept and bring the ball back to Dutch courage. 

In the 2nd quarter there was no stopping Ann-Marie Robinson (GS) and Rowan Johnson (GA) from Scallywags. They demonstrated good spacing in the circle and accurate shooting. Although Alexis Jamieson(C) fought hard to take the ball back for Dutch courage. At the end of the quarter the score was 26-9 to Scallywags. 

In the 3rd quarter Dutch courage Alison Anderson (GS) and Molly Farmer (GA) worked well together with accurate shooting and good communication. On the other hand Scallywags midcourt Bethany Moar (WA), Rowan Johnson(WD),Anne Leask(C) and Judy Hamer(GD) worked well as a team to intercept the ball and bring it back up to their circle. Dutch courage Julie Nisbet (GK) and Alisha Tulloch (GD) didn’t make this task easy with good defence. At the end of this quarter the score was 41-14 to Scallywags. 

In the 4th quarter both teams kept up their stamina and played well with the end score being 50-19 to scallywags. Players of the match were Alison Anderson for Dutch Courage and Chloe McLeod for Scallywags.