This match was the final game of the season for both teams but also the final game for AHS players Ami Maddison, Anja Kurtz and Cara Leask who will be leaving AHS.

The first quarter saw SDS Kiwis get off to a confident start, GA Alina Murray was linking well with the Kiwis mid-court. AHS defenders Natalie Stevens and Hannah Roberston were marking tightly but it wasn’t enough stop the Kiwis attack, the quarter ended 10-4 to Kiwis.

Kiwis made no changes and continued to apply pressure in the second quarter. Kiwis defensive duo Brenda Leask and Kim Johnson were marking tightly, making interceptions and limiting the AHS shooting opportunities. Sanna Aitken C and Karen Mackay WA swiftly took the intercepted balls up court to the Kiwi shooters Murray and Marie Clark, who converted them to goals, the second quarter ended 22-9 in Kiwis favour.

Both teams made changes in the third quarter and AHS shooters Anja Kurtz and Emma Sandison found a bit more space and shooting opportunities. Kiwis continued to apply pressure throughout the court, Aitken C, Kylie Wood WA and Mackay WD were linking well from defence into attack helping Kiwis to further extend their lead to 36-16.

Kiwis started strongly in the last quarter making interceptions and getting a run of quick goals, AHS did not let their heads go down and continued to make life difficult for the Kiwis team. But the could not halt Kiwis who were attacking and defending as a team, final score 51-20 to SDS Kiwis.

Players of the match were Hannah Roberston for AHS and Marie Clark for SDS Kiwis.