SFC Filsket 32 V AHS 46

AHS were first to settle and find their rhythm. Jodie Walterson (GA) and May Young (GS) shooting exceptionally in the opening quarter, rarely missing a shot. SFC Filskets circle defence of Sarah Kay (GK) and Kayti Jeromson (GD) had a hard first quarter trying to break the momentum of the shooting duo.

Filsket made a few changes in the 2nd quarter. Jeromson moving to (WD), Kristen Jeromson (GD) and Ciara Kelly on to (C). These changes brung a better tempo to the game allowing Filsket to settle. Alice Haddon (GK) for AHS made some great interception in the circle which helped her team to turnover and add a few more goals to the score sheet.

The second half saw AHS continue to extend their lead with great team play from attack to defence. Walterson continued to play exceptinally well, scoring from all over the circle, even with the constant pressure from the Filsket defence. The new shooting pairing of Marianne Williamson (GS) and Kayti Jeromson (GA) still couldn’t rattle the opposition. AHS maintained a 14 goal difference from the 2nd to 4th quarter.

The final score of 32-46 saw AHS awarded the win and SFC Filsket securing half points.

Players of the Match were Kayti Jeromson for SFC Filsket and Jodie Walterson for AHS.