SFC Filsket 33 v Tulloch Tornadoes 39

Filsket won the first pass and started strong with a goal in the first few minute. Both teams were working very hard with some great mid court play from Filsket.  Accurate passes into the Filkset circle from Ann-Marie Goudie and Sandi Brill helped Fisket end the first quarter ahead 10-9.

Both teams entered the second quarter very strong, there was some good shooting from Filsket’s Lisa Emslie and Kelsey Tulloch. Clare Farmer and Leanna Jamieson from Tullochs linked well together in mid court ensuring the ball was passed up to their circle which were quickly converted into goals. Another close quarter finishing 19 – 22 to Filsket.

A few changes were made in the Third quarter, with both teams working as hard as they could to build a lead. Kayti Jeromson and Lois Phillips from Filsket did well to defend Tullochs from getting the ball in the circle. However, Kirsti Leask from Tullochs shooting was very accurate, ending the quarter 24 – 30 to Filsket.

The final quarter saw some brilliant netball from both teams, Kirsten Jeromson and Kayti Jeromson worked amazingly together to intercept as many goals as they could, however strong mid court, defending from Emma Leask and shooting from Tullochs meant they took the lead by 6 goals ending the game 33 – 39 to Filsket. Players of the match were Kayti Jeromson from SFC Filsket and Leanna Jamieson from Tulloch Tornadoes.