SFC Filsket 36 – AHS 45

It was clear from the first quarter that this was going to be an evenly contested match between SFC Filsket and AHS. The first quarter ended 10-7 to Filsket. The Filsket defensive duo of Kayti and Kristen Jeromson put the pressure on the AHS shooters – May Young (GS) and Jodie Walterson (GA) – they controlled the circle well and made some great interceptions which were then converted by Lisa Emslie (GA) with the support from Sarah Anderson (GS).

AHS made a change in the 2nd quarter with Imogen Teale coming on as GS. Filskets’s Lois Phillips (WA) and Ann-Marie Goudie (C) continue to play well together in feeding the ball into Emslie and Anderson. AHS stepped up a gear in the 2nd quarter and worked hard to reduce the score line. Abby Sandison (C) and Kirsty Thomson (WA) with good supporting play from Sophie Morris (WD) dominated the centre court. AHS hard worked played off as they levelled the score at the end of the quarter 18-18.

Filsket made a few changes in the 3rd quarter – Kristen Jeromson moved into GK, Sarah Kay to GD and Kayti Jeromson to WD to try and unsettle the AHS shooters. This worked to a certain degree but Teale and Walterson managed to adapt to the changes and pulled away to a 4 goal lead.

The final quarter saw youth prevail, with Filsket only having the neat 7, tiredness was beginning to show and silly mistake proving costly. AHS’s Sandison and Thomson continued to control the attack linking well with their shooters. The final whistle blew and AHS took the win 45 – 36, ending Filsket’s winning streak. Players of the match were Kayti Jeromson for SFC Filsket and Abby Sandison for AHS.