SFC Filsket 37 V 29 Kinetics

SFC Filsket 37 V 29 Kinetics

Kinetics won first centre and converted to quickly take a 3 goal lead. SFC Filsket began to settle and forced Kinetics to move the ball around the court a bit more. It was 6 mins into the quarter before SFC Filsket scored their first goal of the game, quickly followed by their 2nd. 8mins in, Kinetics were

level at 4 a-piece and were starting to look more confident. Holly Anderson GS moving well off her defender to put Filsket ahead for the first time in the game. First quarter ended 9-7 to Filsket.

Second quarter saw Filsket opening the scoring with great moving in the circle from Anderson. Gayle Henry WA was working hard in mid court along with Nicola Johnston C and Kristen Jeromson WD to vary the Filsket attack and wrong foot Kinetics. Carina MaClatchie WA and Kristi Grant C upped the ante for Kinetics to bring their shooting due of Liza Fullerton GS and Maisie Ramsay GA into play once more. The intensity of the game increased, becoming more frought and physical at times. Filsket remained calm and continued their lead into half time, 20-14.

Entering the 3rd quarter neither team were yet to make any changes. Johnston feeding well into the Filsket circle to secure the first two goals of this period of play. Filsket were being forced to fight in their attacking end but patience enabled them to maintain their lead 28-21.

Filsket scored the inital goal of the final quarter, however Ramsay scored 3 in a row to close the gap 24-29. Persistant fouling led to an advanced penalty in the Filsket circle which Sarah Nicol GA quickly converted into a goal for Filsket. The final score was 37-29 to Filsket. A special mention to both umpires who handled the game very well. Players of the match were Maisie Ramsay for Kinetics and Kayti Jeromson for SFC Filsket.