SFC Filsket 41 V Tullochs Tornadoes 33

Both teams played very strongly in this hard fought, end-to-end match. The teams were very well matched with Filsket starting strong and Tullochs linking well to keep the scores close.

Filsket’s speedy midcourt play and good work around the circle helped the valuable shooting duo of Marianne Williamson and Lisa Emslie take the early lead with the first quarter finishing 9-8 in Filsket’s favour.

The great interceptions and tireless work from Tullochs defenders ensured many turnovers to help shooters Claire Morris and Tahnae Maclennan link well and fight back against Filsket’s narrow lead. Filsket’s defenders did not make it easy for them with good marking and hard-working defence to help them gain another point lead at the half time whistle.

Both teams went into the third quarter even more determined with strong midcourt play from both sides ensuring a fast-paced, competitive quarter with many turnovers and interceptions. Filsket continued to build on their lead going into the final quarter with Kelsey Tulloch coming on to retain their successful shooting tally. Players of the match were Lois Phillips for Filsket and Lori Smith for Tullochs.