SFDS Kiwis 37 V 37 Loungers

Division 1 – League Play Off No 1.

SFDS Kiwis 37 V 37 Loungers

Both teams took a little while to settle in to the game. Kiwi’s managed to turn around the even score with an intercept in the defensive end by Kim Johnson, which put Kiwi’s into a small lead early on. Loungers made this difficult for Kiwi’s with remarkable shooting from Kaitlin Leslie and Ava Johnston. Kiwi’s managed to maintain their lead with the help of smooth attacking play from Emma Niven and Libby Fox, Louie Jamieson’s shooting was a great factor in the lead too. Loungers battled to reduce this gap with midcourt, Vicky Smith and Hazel Johnson working tirelessly. The quarter ended 11-7 to Kiwi’s.

Going strong into the second quarter, Loungers reduced the gap to 3 goals quickly. Kiwis saw an injury from defensive Maisie Unsworth which pushed Natasha Tulloch into the circle and Kylie Wood came on in the midcourt. Tulloch and Niven zoning well together from Kiwi’s to try stop those balls getting into the circle. Louise Birnie and Johnson from Loungers gelled well together as they linked the play up the court to their shooters. This made the score equal for the first time in the game within the first 5 minutes of the second quarter. Loungers continued to widen their lead with long range shots from Leslie having an impressive quarter consisting of 14 goals. Leaving the score at half time to be 21-16 to Loungers.

Kiwi’s came into the dreaded third quarter gunning to work back the gap in scores. Rhianne Colvin came on at goal attack and worked hard in the circle which saw Kiwis claiming back the goals. However, Louise Moar and Claire Johnson for Loungers were showing a good link in the defensive circle making shots difficult to get away at times for Colvin and Jamieson. A well fought battle from both teams saw the score tip towards Kiwi’s again, leaving the score at the third quarter to be 29-28 to Kiwi’s.

A frantic start to the fourth quarter saw balls lost by both teams in the centre third. Jodie Walterson came on in the Loungers shooting circle and demonstrated some beautiful long range shots under the pressure of Kiwi defence. Johnson was able to pick up any rebounds in the Kiwi’s defensive circle and firing them up the court. Loungers were getting into their stride again making the score even between the teams. Kiwi’s attack stepped up to the challenge and smashed through the notorious end of game fatigue, which made no odds to Johnston’s shooting. Kiwi’s attack were trying their best to delay Loungers play down the court from Fox and Niven. Nevertheless, the last quarter was goal for goal, end to end and finished the game with the scores remaining even at a final 37-37. Players of the match were both from defence; Kim Johnson for Kiwi’s and Claire Johnson for Loungers.