SFC Filsket 36 V Whalsay 30

As the final score suggests this was a hard fought close match. Filsket took an early lead in the first quarter with great shooting from the duo of Marianne Williamson and Lisa Emslie. Once Whalsay settled into their game the fight back started. They managed to gain a goal every quarter to reduce Filskets lead […]

Kinetics 21 V Tullochs 58

The game started with fast paced play, both teams working hard and looking to gain an early lead.  Tullochs displayed good movement in centre court from Claire Morris.  Kinetics defense Louise Malcolmson and Shannon Stevenson worked to pick up loose balls and gain interceptions.  The quarter time score was 8-4. Tullochs made changes to their […]

Loungers 44 V AHS 26

First game back for the teams after the Christmas break meant a number of unforced errors from both teams. AHS were first to settle and capitalise on Loungers errors as they took an early lead. Loungers began to take control as their players started to link well through the court bringing the scores all even. […]

SDS Kiwis 49 V Ness 17

Kiwis were first to settle into the game with fast attacking play from Sanna Aitken and Holly King. Ness defensive duo Aimee Budge and Melody Goodlad challenged well for each ball applying pressure to the Kiwis shooters but Kiwis got the lead in the first quarter ending 10-5. Some lovely accurate shots from Ness shooters […]

Tulloch Tornadoes 31 V SDS Kiwis 45

The game started fast with Kiwis being first to settle. Holly King and Sanna Aitken linked well and fed accurate passes into Rhianne Colvin and Zoey Symington who were shooting on form. Tullochs weren’t making it easy for them though as Clare Farmer and Rozanne Georgeson defended tightly. The first quarter ended 12-6 to Kiwis. […]

AHS 43 V SFC Filsket 49

Both teams started strong but excellent play from Filsket resulted in them finishing the first quarter with a score of 12-10. In the second quarter AHS came back strong with shooters Jodie Walterson and May Young securing many goals for the team, but Filsket put up a hard fight and managed to stay ahead, with […]

Ness 41 v AHS 47

This game started off at a fast pace, a pace which was to continue throughout. AHS pulled ahead in the first quarter with some accurate shooting from Imogen Teale. Ness settled into the 2nd quarter and began to find their flow. AHS were quick though and took some good interceptions with some great mid court play […]

Kiwis 38 V Whalsay 2

Whalsay fielded a younger team than usual, with Lara Kay in the defending circle supported by Karis Irvine as GD. Rhianna, Karis, Lauren and Lisa all stepping up to help Whalsay out. Kiwi took the first center to open the game. The second center went from end to end with both defensive circles dominating the […]

Kinetics 11 V SFC Filsket 32

Filsket got off to a flying start in the game against Kinetics with incredible accuracy from both their shooters. The quarter saw an early ankle injury for Kinetics’ midcourt player Aimee Smith leaving kinetics to make a few changes before playing on. Kinetics struggled to match Filsket’s quick start after this and the quarter ended […]

Tullochs 47 Loungers 26

Both teams went into the game knowing it was going to be a tough match. It was Loungers’ first centre but Tulloch’s Victoria Duthie turned it over at the first whistle with a great interception and it lead to them getting the first shot of the game. Loungers worked hard to keep up with Tulloch’s […]