Tulloch Tornadoes 61 V 22 AHS

From the first quarter, it was clear this was going to be a very fast paced match, with good turnovers from both teams to keep the match competitive. Strong defence from Tulloch’s Emma Leask and Ava Williams made it difficult for AHS, reading the game well and picking up any loose balls. Good support around […]

Loungers 33 V 23 Whalsay

The 1st quarter started with some lovely passing up the court by the Loungers team.  Whalsay GK Lara Kay worked tirelessly around the circle picking up all rebounds, making it difficult for Loungers to score.  Super defence from Loungers forced Whalsay to make lots of passes around the circle.  However, Debbie Irvine was undeterred, producing […]

DFDS Kiwis 39 V 14 SFC Filsket

Kiwis had a solid start to the first quarter, with strong linking play into GS Rhianne Colvin who was shooting accurately. The Filskit defence duo of Kayti Jeromson and Sarah Kay were working tirelesly to halt the pace of shooting duo Louise Jamieson & Rhianne Colvin, but Kiwis took a strong lead ending first quarter […]

Loungers 39 V 41 Tulloch Tornadoes

In the first quarter Tulloch’s fast passing allowed them to rack up the first three goals quickly. Loungers started to settle with good movement in the centre court. Tight marking by Tulloch‘s defenders forced Loungers to pass out and around the circle. Loungers looked more confident as the quarter progressed. Both teams were even with […]

Kinetics 19 v 35 AHS

There was a quick break from Kinetics centre but AHS were quick to intercept. Kinetics managed to win the ball back into the circle with a goal from Liza Henderson. AHS retaliated and got a quick goal back from Sadie Fox. Kinetics were working well together to get the ball to their attacking end, which […]

Whalsay 18 V 38 DFDS Kiwis

Whalsay started the match taking the first centre pass. First quarter was played very evenly as both defences worked hard. There was great movement around the court and effective linking between Irena Polson C and Eileen Robertson WA for Whalsay. The first quarter ended close at 8-7 to Kiwis.  Kiwis quickly settled and found their […]

Loungers 37 v 21 DSBC Kiwis

The first quarter was off to a slow start with both teams defence working hard. DSBC Kiwis quickly settled and scored the first three goals, with super passing up the court from Holly King. Loungers fought back though and Kaitlin Leslie controlled the shooting circle with her first game back for Loungers in two years. […]

Ness 31 V 19 SFC Filsket

Ness started the match with a fast pace down to their shooting circle. A good interception by Filsket GD Kirsten Jeromson kept the ball out of the Ness circle but Ness C Aimee Budge picked up the ball and moved it quickly up the court to help Ness secure the first goal of the match. Great team work was displayed by both teams, working hard in […]

Tullochs 52 V 31 Whalsay

Tullochs won the toss taking first centre pass. The match started quite evenly with end to end play before Tullochs found their rhythm. Accurate shooting from Tullochs’ Emma Sandison GS and Tahnae MacLennan GA meant they pulled ahead, ending the first quarter 13-5.  Whalsay came back looking to reduce the gap in the score. Whalsay’s […]

Tulloch Tornadoes 35 V Loungers 32 

Both teams took a little while to settle in. With strong defence from loungers Claire Johnson and Sally Sandison put pressure on Tullochs shooters to score. However Tullochs accurate shooting from Taliah Leslie and Tahnae Maclennan got strong goals throughout the first quarter, ending the quarter at 7-8 to Loungers.  The second quarter started with […]