Tulloch Tornadoes 35 V Loungers 32 

Both teams took a little while to settle in. With strong defence from loungers Claire Johnson and Sally Sandison put pressure on Tullochs shooters to score. However Tullochs accurate shooting from Taliah Leslie and Tahnae Maclennan got strong goals throughout the first quarter, ending the quarter at 7-8 to Loungers.  The second quarter started with […]

AHS 21 v Kiwis 30 

The game got off to a fast start with end to end play from both teams. Both teams started strongly and linked well to keep the score close. AHS attack of Lois Philips and Sonya Kurtz worked well around the circle to feed in some valuable balls to shooters Kaitlyn Leslie and Shaina Douglas to […]

Ness 34 V Unst 18 

Ness GS Estella Smith got the first goal of the game, with a long accurate shot. The game started with fast play by both teams. Everyone working hard to intercept play, Unst GK Linda Thomson defending the circle well. First quarter ended 12-2 to Ness.   Ness defence duo Ailish Parham and Ruth Christie playing great […]

Whalsay 45 V Kinetics 20

Both teams took awhile to settle with end to end play. Kinetics mid court Carina MacClatchie and Eve Fraser linked well up court connecting with the shooters, however Whalsay came back stronger with Debbie Irvine rarely missing a shot. Quarter ended with an early lead of 15-4 to Whalsay.  Many changes made by whalsay lead […]

Kinetics V AHS

No report received.

Tulloch Tornadoes 29 V Whalsay 40

The first quarter saw Whalsay settle first with good linking play between Catherine Williamson at C and Debbie Irvine at GA and they quickly pulled ahead by 4 goals in the first few minutes. Tullochs managed to claw back to within 1 point at the end of the first quarter with some well timed interceptions […]

Loungers 29 V AHS 20

The first quarter saw scrappy end to end play until AHS scored the first goal 3 minutes in!  It was a fast paced quarter with both teams defending tightly resulting in lots of interceptions.  Loungers shooting duo of Ava Sim and Jodie Walterson soon racked up 3 in a row despite tremendous defending from Natasha […]

Whalsay 16 V Kiwis 36

The game got off to a quick start with lots of end to end play and the teams appearing evenly matched. Kiwis shooting duo Rhianne Colvin at GS and Louise Jamieson at GA worked well together to secure the first quarter with a 2 goal lead. Second quarter saw a few changes. Whalsay’s Lara Kay […]

AHS V Tulloch Tornadoes

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Ness V Whalsay

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