Delting 24 v McEwans 27

McEwans took first centre but Delting did not make it easy for them with both teams having some good interceptions. Delting’s GA Rhona Clark and GS Krissie Robertson worked well together in the circle supported by WA Lily Rendall and C Ashley Hay. However, McEwan’s WA Eileen Robertson and C Nicola Polson dominated the central […]

Delting 15 – 27 Hotfooters

The game started strong with fierce playing from both teams. There was determined passing from Jodie Kerfoot and Isla Murphy to get the ball into the circle but blocks from Jenna Mowat and Hannah Lisa Laurenson made it difficult for them to score. At the end of the first quarter, the score was 7-6 to […]

Da McEwans 32 V Mishaps 32

McEwans started well with accurate shooting from Emily Henderson. The Mishaps soon settled though and Alicia Hunter and Morgan Henderson began to find the net too, with the quarter ending 8-8. The second quarter remained close, with Kayleigh Irvine working hard at C for Da McEwans, but the Mishaps defence of Elaine Gair and Chloe […]

Allsorts 31 V Dutch Courage 31

Allsorts had first centre pass but failed to convert this conceding the first goal to Dutch Courage.  There was good linking play between Dutch Courage mid court players Kate Wills and Vaila Robertson up to their shooting circle.  Julie Nisbet and Alison Anderson rarely missed a shot securing Dutch Courage the first quarter 8 goals […]

Dutch Courage 35 V Delting 11

Dutch Courage opened what was to be a stream of shooting. Emma Burgess (GD) worked tirelessly to defend against Delting’s attack in the circle with the quarter ending 9-1 to Dutch Courage. In the second quarter Delting made some swift short passes with Niamh Batty (WA), Rona Clark (GA) and Lily Rendall (GS) linking well […]

Mishaps 34 V Hotfooters 28

It was a very closely fought game from the offset, with both teams giving it their all. The first quarter saw Hotfooters come out strongly, attacking well and feeding the ball quickly into shooters Megan (GS) and Niamh (GA) who rarely missed a shot. Going into the second quarter drawing 6-6, Mishaps upped their momentum […]

Dutch Courage V Hotfooters

Dutch Courage could not field a team and the points were awarded to Hotfooters.

Mishaps 41 V Delting 21

Both teams started strong. Alicia Hunter (GA) and Morgan Henderson (GS) working well together to get the ball into the circle, working around the Delting’s defence. Both teams took to a steady pace but Mishaps took the lead by the end of the first quarter leading 9-6. The second quarter saw both sides settle into […]

Dutch Courage V Allsorts

Allsorts could not field a team and the points were awarded to Dutch Courage.

Hotfooters 21 V McEwans 23

Hotfooters won the first centre pass but a slow start from both sides saw the first goal only after a few minutes. Emily Henderson’s GS accurate shooting got Da McEwans on the scoresheet, followed quickly by Niamh Paton GS for Hotfooters. End to end play kept the score even with both teams working hard for […]