Tulloch Tornadoes 29 V Whalsay 40

The first quarter saw Whalsay settle first with good linking play between Catherine Williamson at C and Debbie Irvine at GA and they quickly pulled ahead by 4 goals in the first few minutes. Tullochs managed to claw back to within 1 point at the end of the first quarter with some well timed interceptions by Laura Cheyne at WD and Claire Morris at C and the quarter finished 9-10 to Whalsay.

The second quarter saw more end to end play with only a few goals in it. Tulloch’s shooters Kirsti Leask and Tahnae Maclennan were finding their form but Whalsay defenders Leanna Jamieson and Natalie Constable weren’t making it easy for them to find space in the circle and forced them to put up some long range shots when needed. The quarter ended with Whalsay ahead by 1 goal again at 18-19.

Whalsay brought on some fresh legs in the third quarter which changed the pace of the game. Irvine moving back into GS and Lara Kay moving out to GA saw a different dynamic in the shooting circle and meant Whalsay were able to pull ahead with some impressive shooting from Irvine. Tulloch’s defenders Emma Leask and Ava Williams worked tirelessly to slow down the attacking play and put the pressure on the shooters but Whalsay stormed ahead and finished the third quarter 24-32.

In a bid to mix things up a bit Tulloch’s moved Kirsti Leask into defence at GK and Tahlia Leslie moved into her more familiar position of GA. This injected some more movement into the circle but the Whalsay defence picked up some key interceptions and the game ended 29-40 to Whalsay. Players of the match were Debbie Irvine for Whalsay and Emma Leask for Tullochs.