Tulloch Tornadoes 30 V 31 Kiwis

Both teams started strong in what was set to be a competitive match between the two sides. Kiwis however settled first, demonstrating some calmer play up the court and making the most of any stray balls. Tullochs defensive circle made up of Clare Farmer and Emma Leask made it difficult for the Kiwis shooters. The first quarter ended 6-3 to Kiwis.  

Tulloch’s came back fighting in the second quarter. Tahnae Maclennan and Tahlia Leslie had found their shooting rhythm and made things hard for the Kiwi defenders. Libby Fox at Wing Attack for Kiwis was showing some cool, calm play and was quick to transition the ball to Rhianne Johnston at Goal Attack, who was moving effortlessly round her circle. The second quarter ended 13 all.  

After half time Tullochs and Kiwis had had time to settle. Claire Morris was vital for Tullochs at centre, she was flying through the court making many interceptions. This effort kept her team on top. Kiwis defending circle was however doing their all to slow down this attack, Kim Johnson in particular was showing dominance in the circle. The third quarter ended 23-21 to Tullochs.   

With the fourth quarter starting so close, the game was not yet won. Both teams worked incredibly hard, and Kiwis began to make a comeback as they kept their heads. The game ended 31-30 to Tullochs. Players of the match were Kim Johnson for Kiwis and Claire Morris for Tulloch Tornadoes.