Tulloch Tornadoes 31 V SDS Kiwis 45

The game started fast with Kiwis being first to settle. Holly King and Sanna Aitken linked well and fed accurate passes into Rhianne Colvin and Zoey Symington who were shooting on form. Tullochs weren’t making it easy for them though as Clare Farmer and Rozanne Georgeson defended tightly. The first quarter ended 12-6 to Kiwis.

In the second quarter, Kiwis continued to dominate with defenders Kim Johnson and Brenda Leask picking up interceptions and rebounds which were calmly converted to goals by the shooting duo. Claire Morris, Megan Keppie and Krissi Sandison worked hard to link the ball up the court to the Tullochs shooters. Kiwis continued to extend their lead to 25-14 going into the second half.

With just the neat 7 on the court, Tullochs started to tire as Kiwis continued to apply pressure and brought fresh legs to the court. Libby Fox made an impact in the midcourt. Kirsti Leask and Tahnae MacLennan were shooting well for Tullochs against a tough defence. Both teams continued to work hard, with end to end play up until the final whistle.

The game ended 45-31 to Kiwis. Players of the match were Claire Morris for Tullochs and Rhianne Colvin for Kiwis.