Tulloch Tornadoes 32 V 23 Kinetics

Tulloch Tornadoes 32 V 23 Kinetics

The game started with fast, end to end play, with both teams linking well through the court. Kristi Grant at centre worked tirelessly to pick up any loose balls and help convert them into goals for Kinetics. Kirsti Leask (GK) started her first game back strong and raring to go. Tullochs finished the first quarter 4 goals up at 7-3.

Kinetics created momentum during the second quarter with Maisie Ramsay shooting consistently and moving swiftly around the attacking third, while Lucy Thomson (GA) worked hard to find the space in the circle against the Tullochs defence of Emma Leask (GD) and Kirsti Leask (GK). At the half time whistle Tullochs were still 4 goals ahead.

Going into the third quarter Tullochs demonstrated great determination to keep the game going their way with good linking play and clever feeding into the circle by Tullochs mid court of Laura

Cheyne (WA) and Lori Smith(C). However, Kinetics defence of Ciara Kelly and Louise Kelly were worked together and reading the play well, picking up valuable interceptions to win the ball back several times. Their commitment to this game brought the match even going into the last quarter with a score of 19-19.

In the final quarter Tullochs made some changes. Kinetics were proving they still had everything to play for and were keen to keep their momentum especially when Tullochs legs were starting to tire. Liza Henderson was solid in mid court for Kinetics with quick and effective movement and strong passes to Maisie Ramsay in the shooting circle. Tullochs managed to hold onto the lead with the final score 32-23 to Tullochs. Players of the match were Kirsten Henry for Tullochs and Maisie Ramsay for Kinetics.