Tulloch Tornadoes 43 V 42 Whalsay

Both teams started strong, with good shooting from both Tullochs and Whalsay. Strong defence from Whalsay’s Natalie Constable and Lara Kay put pressure on Tullochs shooters to score. However Tullochs accurate shooting from Kirsti Leask and Tahnae Maclennan got strong goals throughout the first quarter, ending the quarter at 11-7 to Tullochs.

The second quarter started with Tullochs moving quickly and sharply, with good feeding into the circle by Leanna Henderson and Claire Morris. Whalsay’s Catherine Williamson showed great play in mid court and displayed great feeding into their shooters, Debbie Irvine and Karis Leask. With accurate shooting from Whalsay the quarter ended 22-20 to Tullochs.

In the third quarter both teams went on court with determination, with excellent linking up the court from Megan Keppie and Debbie Henry. Tulloch’s still maintained the lead by one goal with the quarter ending 33-32.

In the final quarter Whalsay showed brilliant play putting pressure on Tulloch’s shooters. Whalsay’s Cally Thomson showed brilliant linking up court with fast movement and passing into Whalsay’s shooting circle. Both teams fought really hard throughout the final quarter which ended 43-42 to Tullochs. The players of the match were Natalie Constable for Whalsay and Kirsti Leask for team Tullochs.