Tullochs had the first centre pass of the game which worked to their advantage as the first goal was scored by Tahnae Maclennan (GS). Challengers realised they had to be hot on the defence. The ball was being played a lot in the mid court as Tullochs Leanna Henderson (WD) was in there at every opportunity she could get for an interception. This helped put Tullochs in the lead at the end of the first quarter 16-4.


In the second quarter Challengers worked well in the mid court as Holly Jamieson (WA) made some very strong passes up the court to the shooters. Challengers were getting in some fantastic shots from a long distance. Emma leask (GK) was jumping at every shot taken to snatch one of those rebounds from Valarie Sales (GA) and Marie Irvine (GS). The communication and movement between the two shooters made it difficult for Tullochs defence at times. At the end of the second quarter Tullochs were still in the lead 24-8.


There was a few changes in the third quarter with both teams. Tullochs were switching up their mid court. Ava Williams (WD) and Emma Leask (GD) were working well together when it the ball moved its way up the court to the Challengers shooters by gaining possession from interceptions. There were a few bumps and tumbles between players as the game got more competitive. Claire Morris (GS) was performing some great movements in the circle as Victoria Duthie (C) used some very sneaky drop passes. The third quarter ended with Tullochs still holding on to the lead of 35-13.


In the final quarter Tullochs decided to make a few changes. Putting some players in positions they would not usually play. Debbie Henry in to GK and Ava Williams in to (GS). The play throughout the final quarter was to a high standard. Challengers had excellent communication which helped them to move well around the court. Tullochs managed to get 13 goals in the final quarter and challengers only 3. The defence from Leanna Henderson (GK) and Emma Leask (GD) proved to be very strong in the final quarter which made it difficult for the shooters. The game had ended and the final score sat at 48-16 to Tullochs.


The players of the match were Ava Williams (Tullochs) and Karis Leask (Challengers)