Tulloch Tornadoes 61 V Ness Hotshots 23

Tullochs had the first centre pass. As soon as the first whistle blew both teams showed determination to defend and attack. Tullochs needed to win this game to win the division. Ness Hotshots are a young, fast team. They showed great skills and super defending from the start. It was quite a close first quarter but Kirsti Leask (GS) and Tahnae Maclennan’s (GA) perfect shooting put Tullochs in the lead at 13-6.

A quick start to the second quarter with Ness Hotshots working well within their mid court players. Katie Moore (WA) had great movement and passes to and from her teammates. Victoria Duthie (GD) and Ava Williams (WD) worked well together as they tried to disrupt play in the mid court. Tullochs settled well into the second half and that reflected in the score. Emma Leask made some great tips and rebounds to secure a lead at 27-7.

In the third and most important quarter Ness Hotshots realised they needed to make a few changes as they switched up their defence between Freya Leslie (GD) and Chloe Jamieson (GK). The girls were fighting hard to stop shots from Claire Morris (GA). There was great support from both Tullochs and Ness Hotshots as everyone was playing with tight defence and tactical attack. The third quarter ended with Tullochs still in the lead at 43-15.

Both teams were still playing at their best in the final quarter. Megan Nicolson (GA) was making some amazing shots! She had support and help around the circle from her sister Molly Nicolson (WA). Tullochs managed to get 18 more goals in the bag to secure a victory at 61-23. A good game, with amazing effort from all the girls. Players of the match were Katie Moore from Ness Hotshots and Emma Leask from Tullochs.