Tullochs 41 vs Kiwis 26

Both teams knew this was going to be a tightly contested match and this showed as Tullochs had a nervous start to the first quarter. Kiwis settled more quickly and accurate shooting from Alina Murray and Rhianne Colvin put Kiwis ahead by 4 goals in the early stages. Some well timed interceptions in the mid court from Tulloch’s Claire Morris and Leanna Jamieson, however, saw Tulloch’s claw back and the first quarter ended 9-8.

Kiwis began piling on the pressure in the second quarter, eager to get back in the lead. Kim Johnson at GD got some excellent turn overs, hunting the ball down and feeding the ball up the court to Sanna Aitken at WA. Aitken’s feeds into the circle were well timed and placed and this saw Kiwis pull ahead 17-14 at the end of the second quarter.

The third quarter proved to be decisive. Tulloch’s shooters Kirsti Leask and Tahnae MacLennan really found their form and began to find gaps in the Kiwis defensive circle. Victoria Duthie at GD showed her determination and worked tirelessly to get interceptions and support the play up the court. Megan Keppie at WD worked hard at delaying the Kiwis attack up the court which made it difficult for Kiwis to find their rhythm. Tulloch’s efforts paid off and they lead 27-19 after the 3rd quarter.

The last quarter saw Dawn Manson come on at GS for Kiwis and Ava Williams and Debbie Henry switch on in the mid court for Tullochs. Manson used her agility and well timed holds to her advantage and helped Kiwis put some more points on the board. Ava Williams used her height over Kiwis WA Holly King and gained some valuable interceptions which was then followed up with cool, calm feeding into the Tulloch’s shooting circle by Debbie Henry. The final quarter saw Tullochs come away with the win and the final score was 41-26. Players of the match were Alina Murray for Kiwis and Kirsti Leask for Tullochs.