Unst 23 V Scallywags 28 

The game started evenly with both teams working hard. Scallywags were defending well in the circle and gaining any rebounds. Unst were working hard and passing into the Shooters Chelsea Jamieson and Dione Paul who were shooting well from all areas of the circle. The quarter ended 7-6 to Scallywags.

The Unst defenders Ailidh Risk and Ashley Symington put the pressure on the Scallywags shooters going into the 2nd quarter, and were picking up rebounds and loose passes into the Scallywags shooting circle. Unst C Irena Polson was working hard to get the ball to her shooters who were continuing to shoot well. The quarter ended 13-12 to Unst.

The 3rd quarter started with fast play from both teams. Scallywags C Rowan Nicolson and WA Anne Leask were working hard and moving down the court well, Anne Marie Robinson who was being made to work hard by the Unst defence was shooting well for Scallywags.

Scallywags came out fighting in the last quarter. The Unst defence was having to work hard to stop the Scallywags shooters, who were shooting from all areas of the circle. Irena Polson was working hard to support and gaining interceptions in all areas of the court for Unst. However, Scallywags were fighting for every point and the game finished 28-23 to Scallywags.

Player of the match were Ailidh Risk for Unst and Anne Leask for Scallywags.