Unst 38 v 22 Challengers

Unst took the first centre pass, setting a quick pace for the game.  Effective linking play between Ashley Syminton C, Jade Nicolson WA and Lauren Johnson GA saw Unst stretch out a narrow lead. The Unst defence worked hard to keep the Challengers score down and the first quarter ended 9-4 to Unst. 

Challengers settled into play in the second quarter with GD Amy Pearson working tirelessly to make key interceptions in the circle. Valerie Sales at GS for Challengers was finding her form with effortless long range shots helping to keep them in the game. The second quarter was an even scoring quarter, 19-13 to Unst. 

Both teams came back to the third quarter with position changes. Unst’s Naomi Brown joined their defence at WD, linking the ball up the court and reading the game well. Challengers continued to work hard, with great team work between C Holly Jamieson and WD Audrey Irvine putting pressure on the Unst mid court players. Unst dominated this quarter leaving the score 31-16 at the end of quarter 3. 

For the final quarter both teams were starting to tire but continued to push on for more goals. Challengers GS Danielle Johnson worked well, setting up the shot for Sales who moved to GA.  Ashley Symington moved to GK for Unst and made her presence felt interrupting play with lots of tips and interceptions. After a competitive match from start to finish the final score was 38-22 to Unst. Players of the match were Naomi Brown for Unst and Valerie Sale for Challengers.