Unst 43 V Wastside 26

Unst & Westside kicked off their Post-Christmas season with a match this Wednesday. Both teams started strongly with great movement in and around the circle from Westside’s attack & accurate shooting from Unst’s GS, Alana Johnson. The first quarter ended 8-5 to Unst.

The second quarter continued with precise shooting for Unst, with Chelsea Jamieson coming on at GA. Fast paced play through the centre court from Unst’s Irena Polson & Jade Stevenson enabled Unst to extend their lead, despite excellent defending in the circle from Sarah Sandison in GD. The second quarter ended 22-11 to Unst.

A frantic start to the third quarter saw a long run with no goals until both teams settled & found their feet again. Excellent defending from both teams saw some great interceptions & goals often going against the centre pass. The third quarter ended 31-19 to Unst.

Unst came into the last quarter of the match focused & quickly took the first 5 goals. An injury saw Westside go a player short halfway through, however they kept fighting until the end. The match ended 43-26 to Unst. Player of the match for Unst was Alana Johnson and for Wastside Sarah Sandison.