Wastside 13 V Scallywags 36

Wastside got the first centre but Alana Smith (GA) Scallywags intercepted and went onto score the first goal. Wastside were quick off the whistle and secured a goal from their second centre. There was frantic play from end to end. Good linking from Rowan Nicolson (C), Anne Leask (WA) and Alana Smith. Tight defence from Wastside meant any missed shots from Scallywags were turned over. Judy Hamer (GK) intercepted many balls giving turnovers for Scallywags. Quarter ended 9-3 to Scallywags.

Wastside started strong with Erica Mikolajczak (C) and Janette Leslie (WA) linking well. Great defending from Margaret Malcolmson (GK) and Bronwyn Walterson (GD) meant Scallywags had to make several passes around the circle before getting it to the shooters. Energetic play led to both teams fighting for every pass. Accurate shooting from Isla Moffat (GS) kept Wastside in the game. Scallywags kept the lead at the end of the second quarter 15-9.

Wastside made several changes going into quarter 3. Scallywags got the first goal from Anne-Marie Robinson (GS) giving them a positive start. Strong defending from Chloe Cloud (GD) and Anne-Marie Robinson not missing any shots let Scallywags extend their lead. Wastside shooters were working hard and got 2 goals back along with Margaret Malcolmson working tirelessly in defence. Anne- Marie Robinson became injured so Rowan Nicolson went GS in last minute. Quarter 3 ended 28-12 to Scallywags.

Rowan Nicolson stayed on as GS for Scallywags. Frantic play continued with lots of interceptions from both teams. Wastside were passing well up the court but Judy Hamer (GK) for scallywags was playing well and intercepted many passes that were meant for Isla Moffat (GS) Erin Morrison (GA). The game ended 36-13. Players of the match were Anne Leask for Scallywags and Sarah Sandison for Wastside.