Wastside 16 V Ness Hotshots 60

The first quarter started off with even play from both sides, but quickly Ness Hotshots’s attacking combinations and immaculate shooting shone through. Wastside’s defensive combinations of Sarah Sandison and Sophie Bain made some good interceptions and centre Bronwyn Walterson worked it well up the court, but Hotshots’s defensive combination of Chloe Jamieson and Lijana Kornejeva were too strong, and the 1st quarter ended strongly in Hotshots’s favour.

In the 2nd quarter, again, Hotshots’ strong midcourt play from Molly Nicolson and Freya Leslie worked well into the circle, with shooters Megan Nicolson and Rachel Young hardly missing a goal.  Wastside’s 6-player team were beginning to tire. The second quarter again ended strongly in Hotshots favour

In the third quarter, Wastside were back to try and win back some goals, with their attacking combinations of Bronwyn Walterson and Mairi Williamson working well, feeding into shooters Isla Moffat and Natasha Tulloch and regaining some goals.  This was not enough, however, to regain on Hotshots now convincing lead

In the final quarter, Hotshots were firmly in control.  Wastside fought back, but the goals from Hotshots were unrelenting.  Hotshots took the game 60-16. Players of the match were Bronwyn Walterson for Wastside and Rachel Young for Ness Hotshots.