Wastside 19 V Kiwis 50

Kiwis won the toss and took the first centre pass. Kiwis started strong with good movement and passes up the court to shooters Zoey Symington and Rhianne Johnson, hardly missing a shot. This made the Wastside defenders work hard for possession of the ball. The quarter ended 18-3 to Kiwis.

Kiwis made some changes ahead of the second quarter. Wastside came on strong and fighting, looking to make good interceptions. Accurate passes up the court to shooters Isla Moffat and Julie Odie who were converting their shots. Kiwis defenders Kim Johnson and Natalie Stevens put pressure on Wastside shooters not giving Wastside many rebound opportunities. Kiwis kept their lead ending the quarter at 28-12.

The third quarter saw Kiwis and Wastside make slight changes. Wastside’s mid-court worked well together making accurate passes up to shooters but Kiwis defence were making Wastside work hard as they made quick interceptions and great feeds into the circle with Kiwi shooters continuing to shoot well and gaining every goal. The third quarter ended 37-15 to Kiwis.

The final quarter saw end-to-end play, both teams fighting hard. Kiwis continued to keep their lead showing strong passes and stealing possession from Wastside, working it up to their shooters taking great shots from all angles. Wastside didn’t give up and fought for every ball. The quarter ended 50-19 to Kiwis. Players of the match were Holly King for Kiwis and Bronwyn Walterson for Wastside.