Wastside got off to a good start to win the first centre pass followed by a goal.  Challengers thought back and in return also scored a goal.  Once Wastside found their form they took to an early lead with the assistance of Kirsty Thomson feeding super balls towards shooters Isla Moffat and Jodie Walterson.  Challengers continued to work hard, especially defender Abby Irvine and attacker Valerie Sales.  Wastside won the first quarter 11-8.


The second quarter Wastside managed to gain a bigger lead, continuing to put pressure on Challengers.  Pauline Walterson defended well and intercepted some loose balls.  However Challengers were starting to find their form linking their passes and scoring some great shots.  Despite that Wastside extended their lead to 27-12


The third quarter Challengers were determined and continued to play well. Great supportive play up the court from Karis Leask and Amy Pearson.  Wastside continued to progress ahead to end the quarter 40-18.


The last quarter Wastside gave that final push and timed their movement and passes more efficiently and effectively.  Challengers became more involved due to their good team spirit and youthful motivation.  However Wastside kept their composure, and won 54-24.


Players of the match were Jodie Walterson for Wastside and Karis Leask for Challengers.